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At this site the largest and most complete database companies of the United Kingdom is represented. It is go without saying, sphere of business is developed in the UK as well and deeply as in no one other country in the world. Great Britain is a country with a mixed economy. Most plants and many of the services are performed by private enterprises, the sphere of production is mainly in the hands of the largest firms. Privileges and benefits, a number of programs to support entrepreneurship, provided by the Government of the United Kingdom for the owners of different companies, contribute to widespread dissemination of business throughout the country. This fact explains the presence in the United Kingdom of a lot of companies of various activities, range, format and size. On the site you will find absolutely all categories of business of all registered companies in the United Kingdom. For example, Barakah Money Transfer. Here, at the section "All categories" 65 categories, fields of all UK companies, are presented. They include all activities from Fishing & Aquaculture companies to Lawyer's & accounting consulting. In turn, each category includes subcategories, highly specialised areas of chosen field. Also, all companies and enterprises are summarised in the sections on geography. Thus, using this base, you can easily and quickly find any interesting for you organisations of Great Britain. In addition, the database contains the necessary information about each company: all the information and details. All companies are located in the vast territory of Great Britain as the centre of the country, and its provincial regions. Each of the areas of the United Kingdom has traditionally priority for the development of its economy. However, a variety of fields of activity in each area is large enough. Therefore, choosing in "all places" an area of your interest, a county, then selecting required city, you will find all of the United Kingdom that are on this territory. All counties are represented here from Cornwall to Berwickshire. So, thanks to our full database of companies of the United Kingdom, you can save your own time and effort in finding British organisation which is necessary for you.